‘American Horror Story’s New Preview Teases The Creation Of The Antichrist

American Horror Story Murder House Antichrist
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I can honestly say I’ve never been as excited for an American Horror Story season as I am for this season’s Apocalypse, the much-anticipated Murder HouseCoven crossover. Ever since Ryan Murphy surprised us all with the announcement that Season 8 would not only feature some of our favorite seasons but also ushering in the end of the world, I’ve been waiting pretty impatiently for it to premiere.

But good news! While we still have to wait until September for the show to air (boo!), we do get this super cool teaser, which shows, among other things, the creation of the baby antichrist.

Of course, we’re probably not going to actually see the Antichrist as a baby in this season, since we originally saw him born in the first season of the franchise. We do, however, know what the antichrist is going to look like now as an adult: actor Cody Fern is taking on the role, and creator Ryan Murphy gave us this little sneak peak.


Is this season going to be terrifying? Probably. But I am READY. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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