The Behind-The-Scenes Relationship Drama Of ‘Mamma Mia! 2’

Amanda Seyfried in the trailer for Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again
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Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again is set to hit theaters tomorrow, and I, for one, am pumped. The first film is one of my favorite feel-good movies, partially because it’s set on an idyllic Greek island, partially because Dominic Cooper is a babe, and partially because everyone’s singing all the time. Maybe that’s why it’s so weird to hear that there was a little bit of drama on-set during the making of the sequel, especially when the original cast seemed to be so close.

But if you’re like me, you may have forgotten one important little detail: Amanda Seyfried and Dominic Cooper, who play Sophie and Sky, actually dated IRL.

That’s right, soon after the first film wrapped up in 2008, the two began a relationship that lasted until 2010. Even though Seyfried is now married to Thomas Sadoski, there’s sure to have been some awkward moments as the two actors reprised their roles as the young lovers who were meant to get married in the first film, and who are definitely having a baby together in the second.

“She’s married now and has a beautiful child,” Cooper told Attitude. “We knew we were going to be working together [again] on a set, going back to a part which was certainly going to remind us of 10 years earlier, but I know her family, I know her mum, who was there a lot.”

But Seyfried and Cooper weren’t the only ones in on the drama. During an appearance on The Late Show, Cooper told host Stephen Colbert that his new coworker, Cher, let him know exactly what she thought of the whole thing.

“She didn’t trust me at all,” Cooper said. “She used to tell Amanda, she found out we used to go out with one another once upon a time, she went ‘You missed a bullet’ when she took one look at me. ‘Dodged a bullet. You dodged a bullet,’ is what she said…in a nice way!”

And let’s not forget Amanda’s husband, Sadoski. It’s probably pretty uncomfortable watching your wife look lovingly into her ex’s eyes, even if it is just for a movie, and even more so when you know that she fell in love with him when they filmed the first installment of the franchise together. Seyfried told the Mirror that her husband wasn’t too fond of the idea of them working together.

“I think he has the same kind of issues that I would have if we were hanging out with his ex-girlfriend from long ago,” Seyfried said. “I think it’s always like, ‘I’m so in love with this person, so that person must be so in love with her too.’ I’d guess he assumed Dominic is in love with me the way he’s in love with me. And it’s just not the case, it’s sweet. I’d rather he be jealous than completely fine with it.”

That seems like a surprising amount of drama for such a feel-good movie. But hey, Seyfried and Cooper seem to be in a good place regardless, and I guess that’s what matters most. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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