American Horror Story’s Season 8 Crossover Finally Has Its Terrifying Theme

Tate in American Horror Story: Murder House
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I’ve never been more intrigued by an American Horror Story season until Ryan Murphy announced that the next one would be a Murder House-Coven crossover. And now that I know season 8’s theme, I’m only more intrigued: according to the show’s official Instagram, American Horror Story will be bringing in the apocalypse.

It’s interesting that the poster depicts a devilish baby, considering the first season of the show gave us the birth of the antichrist — in case you forgot, Tate, a ghost who lived in the Murder House, raped his girlfriend’s Mom, Vivian, and it resulted in the cursed baby Michael. Could the apocalypse have anything to do with that?

Considering season 8 will be set in the future (a new one of the AHS franchise), it’s unlikely that we’ll actually be dealing with a chaotic baby Michael. After all, last we saw him, he was a toddler living with Jessica Lang’s character, Constance, and had murdered his housekeeper. But maybe we’ll get to see Michael as an adult and he’ll get to usher in the apocalypse.

Can he please be played by Evan Peters, who played his father Tate in Murder House? I would die of happiness. Of course, it’s already been confirmed that Peters is playing a hairdresser, but who says a hairdresser can’t be the antichrist? I mean, have you seen Sweeney Todd? It’s always the people you least expect.

I’m still not sure where Coven is going to come into this, but I’m so, so, so ready to find out. I’m ready for you, season 8. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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