Please Stop DMing Lili Reinhart’s Mom For Gossip

Lili Reinhart on Vogue's makeup tutorial
Youtube / Vogue

No offense, but fans are crazy. Not that I have a lot of room to talk — I definitely have a handful of celebrity crushes that I will forever pine after, despite the fact that it’s pretty obviously a lost cause. Still, if there’s one line I will never cross, it’s this: DMing a celebrity’s mom for gossip.

So, why are people doing that to Lili Reinhart?

“It really weirds me out when people DM my mom,” Reinhart told Harper’s Bazaar. Not that she ever actually needed to say that. Isn’t it kind of a given?

So much of Reinhart’s life is kept under wraps — her life outside of Riverdale, her relationship with Cole Sprouse. It’s natural for people to be curious. But fans seem to want to know everything about Reinhart’s life, and they’ll go to incredible lengths to find something out — “the speculation,” as she calls it.

“Am I pregnant? Am I dating someone? Am I gay? Am I gaining weight? Am I homophobic?” Reinhart said. “People will always have something to say. I’ve accepted that. It doesn’t mean it’s not frustrating when people say those things. It’s not like it just rolls off my back.”

Let’s stop with the weird celebrity worship and just let people be people. Can you like Lili Reinhart? Of course! Can you be curious about her life? Sure, it’s only natural. Can you DM her mom on social media for answers? Dear god, please stop. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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