Love Kylie’s Lip Kits? You Might Be Able To Buy Them From A Vending Machine Soon

Kylie Jenner doing her makeup for Vogue
Youtube / Vogue

Makeup lovers all over the globe have fallen for Kylie Cosmetic’s lip kits, which is no big surprise. Even outside of Kylie Jenner’s celebrity, her products are generally of a good quality and ultra-trendy. And if Jenner’s dreams come true, they might be easier to get than ever.

Don’t believe me? In an interview with Forbes, the 2o-year-old business mogul showed a picture of a vending machine and said, “You guys, imagine this, but all in lip kits. I think it needs to be a clear vending machine where you see all the colors.”

Jenner sure has the products to fill the machine, that’s for sure. She has dozens of colors, many named after people in her social circle, and is constantly teasing collaborations with the likes of the Kardashian clan and her famous friends. How convenient would it be to get your hands on them via a vending machine instead of buying them online and waiting for shipping or standing in ridiculously long lines at Kylie Cosmetic pop-up stores?

Nothing’s set in stone, but I, for one, am not opposed to this idea. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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