Johnny Depp Allegedly Punched A Crew Member On Set

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Yesterday, The Hollywood Reporter reported that Johnny Depp was being sued by a crew member who alleged that the actor had punched him twice while filming City of Lies, a movie surrounding Notorious B.I.G.’s death.

According to Greg “Rocky” Brooks, a former crew member for the movie, he was forced by director Brad Furman to tell Depp that shooting had to end for the day due to lighting. Depp, who Brooks claimed smelled of alcohol and seemed intoxicated, shouted obscenities and punched him twice in the ribs.

But while Depp’s reaction was pretty awful, that’s not even the weirdest part. In his interview with THR, Brooks claimed that Depp told him that he’d give him $100,000 to, and I quote, “punch me in the face right now!” Before the situation could escalate, Depp’s bodyguards pulled him away.

The next time Brooks returned to set, he claimed the producer tried to draw up a contract to make sure Brooks wouldn’t sue because of the incident, and when he refused to make the agreement, he was immediately terminated.

This isn’t the first time Depp has faced allegations for violence. He was accused of domestic abuse after his split with Amber Heard, a claim that honestly didn’t affect his career in any palpable way. Just as I’m sure this one won’t, even if Depp does lose the lawsuit. If my prediction is correct, Johnny Depp will continue creating box-office flop after box-office flop, forever haunting us with his bizarre characters that are no longer charming, just boring. TC mark

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