Did Pete Davidson Delete His Insta Because Of Backlash From Ariana Grande Stans?

Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson
Instagram / Ariana Grande

There’s few things I love more than speculating about Internet drama I know nothing about. What do people mean when they post cryptic comments on Twitter? Can you guess a celebrity breakup by their Instas? I’ll never truly know, but that won’t keep me from guessing.

Earlier today, I noticed that Pete Davidson deleted his Instagram. Well, kind of — all of his posts disappeared, at least. Considering he’s been posting quite a bit since his relationship with Ariana Grande began, it’s definitely odd. Which made me wonder: could this be because of Ariana stans?

Instagram / Pete Davidson

Don’t get me wrong — I have no problem with anyone who stans anyone. But it is interesting that Davidson deleted his Insta in the wake of the backlash he received for a comment on Ariana’s Insta.

Grande uploaded a picture of her and her late grandfather, who she obviously had a deep relationship with. Davidson commented (as he is wont to do) with, “omg what a cutie,” which many fans found inappropriate, given the message behind Ariana’s post (and definitely if the message was pointed at Grande).

Davidson, however, seemed frustrated by the backlash. After being overwhelmed with messages calling him out, he wrote, “are you guys all insane? i was talking about how cute her grandpa is. what’s wrong with that? you guys will really look for anything to attack people. it’s sad.”

Instagram / Ariana Grande

Probably not a great way to handle it, honestly, especially since Ariana is known for being so close to her fans, but I can’t blame someone for trying to set the record straight. It appears that it was after this message that Davidson deleted his own photos, and soon after that Ariana even turned off the comments on her Instagram.

It doesn’t surprise me that either of the two would respond in such a way, honestly. Davidson has certainly been picked apart since his romance with Grande began, especially regarding their very-public whirlwind engagement and a past joke he made regarding the Manchester bombing, which happened at an Ariana Grande concert. And while I’m not saying all Ariana stans are bad, there are certainly radicals in any group, and there are almost certainly some who harassed Davidson after the comment.

Then again, it’s totally possible that it’s all a coincidence. According to our Thought Catalog Pete Davidson expert, this isn’t the first time he’s deleted all his photos on his account. Maybe it’s something he just needs to do now and then. Still, there’s no denying that Ariana and Pete are officially the star-crossed lovers of social media. Dear god, just let them be already. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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