Cory Monteith’s Mom Just Opened Up About This Chilling Detail Of His Death

Cory Monteith and Conan O'Brien
Youtube / Team Coco

It’s been five years since Cory Monteith’s untimely death, but for some, it still feels like it was yesterday. His mother, Ann McGregor, can still remember the moment she found out in haunting detail, something I’m sure she’ll never be able to forget.

McGregor told People that she actually had no idea until she got a call from Cory’s Glee coworker and girlfriend Lea Michele, who was screaming into the phone.

“She was yelling, ‘Is it true, is it true about Cory?’ and I said, ‘What about Cory?’” McGregor said. “I had heard nothing. And then police knocked on my front door.”

Monteith, whose history with drug abuse landed him in rehab thrice, passed away in 2013 from an overdose at age 31. His body was found in a hotel room in Vancouver with traces of alcohol and heroin in his blood. After his death, his mother fell into a state of numbness.

“I knew it was real, but there were times when I could lie to myself and say, ‘He’s in L.A., he’ll call me soon,’” McGregor said. “I’m still always hanging on edge. When you lose someone who is such a big part of you, you lose all purpose for living.”

According to McGregor, Monteith had been planning to move to Vancouver after his Glee contract ended and hoped to start a family soon. His mother knew he would’ve made a good father, and that it would have been the perfect time in his life to start that chapter.

“He was ready to step out of Hollywood and really live,” McGregor said. “He had so much to look forward to.” Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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