Check Out These Insane Pictures From The UK’s Anti-Trump Protest

Trump protest
Youtube / CNBC

Donald Trump and Melania hopped across the pond today to meet the Queen and other British diplomats, and upon their arrival, they were also met with another surprise: a full-blown protest. That’s right, thousands (seriously, thousands) of British citizens banded together to show their outrage at the American President and his policies.

Just take a moment to soak this in:

The protest included an #iconic balloon of Trump as a baby and plenty of anti-Trump signs that described exactly why they thought 45 was an unfit president.

Seriously, just take a look at these pictures Twitter-users shared. It’s nuts.

You’ve got to admire people’s passion and creativity. This isn’t even their leader they’re protesting! And yet they put this whole thing together anyway, with a total estimate of 250,000 participating! That’s pretty epic if you ask me. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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