Cardi B Cancelled Her Tour For This Super Relatable Reason

Cardi B in "I LIke It" music video
Youtube / Cardi B

If you purchased tickets to Bruno Mars’s tour in hopes of seeing Cardi B, you’re out of luck – the rap goddess recently revealed she had to drop out of the tour due to Mommy duties.

But really, can you blame her? Cardi just gave birth in mid-July. In a tweet, she apologized to fans and addressed the situation, stating that when she realized she wouldn’t be able to take her daughter on tour, she knew she wouldn’t be able to go through with the commitment.

Of course, fans definitely understood why Cardi would choose her daughter and her mental and physical health, especially those who had gone through motherhood themselves.

Take your time, Cardi! You deserve to spend time with your baby girl and make sure you’re in a good place before you start grinding again. We got you, girl. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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