Blake Lively Goes Missing In ‘A Simple Favor’

Blake Lively in the trailer for A SImple Favor
Youtube / Lionsgate Movies

There have been quite a few A Simple Favor teasers that have been released in the past few months, but we finally have a full-fledged trailer that finally gives us a look into the intriguing life of Emily Nelson, a mysteriously woman who suddenly goes missing, leaving behind a lot more questions than answers.

In this trailer, we finally see how Emily Nelson meets mommy blogger Stephanie (Anna Kendrick) and their quick friendship that develops over play dates with their sons and friend dates over drinks.

But what sets this trailer apart from the other teasers is just how well it sets up the plot, showing the audience just how strange Emily Nelson really is — with her once-pink dyed hair and her hatred of photos of herself — and her insistence that she just needs a simple favor from Stephanie before she disappears. What’s also interesting is the sudden emphasis on Emily’s husband, Sean (Henry Goulding), who seems just as sketchy as his wife. If something happened to Emily, he may just be the key to it.

A Simple Favor will hit theaters on September 14. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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