Tina Fey Wants To Do A ‘Parks And Rec’ And ’30 Rock’ Crossover Spinoff

Liz Lemon in 30 Rock
Youtube / 30 Rock Official

If you’ve felt a little lost ever since great sitcoms like The Office, Parks and Recreation, and 30 Rock went off air, you might just be in luck. Well, maybe. We give you no promises at all, but we do know that both Amy Poehler and Tina Fey aren’t averse to the idea of reprising their roles of Leslie Knope and Liz Lemon, respectively.

In an interview with Entertainment Tonight at the 2018 Tony Awards, Fey claimed she had zero interest in a 30 Rock reboot, but that she wouldn’t mind bringing back Liz Lemon if it meant she could work with her BFF Amy Poehler.

“Amy’s willing to do a Parks and Recreation reboot,” she told Entertainment Tonight. “Maybe we should just do a Liz Lemon, Leslie Knope spinoff.”

Um, yes please!!! I would DIE to see these two together onscreen. Someone please make this happen, pronto. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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