This New Horror Movie Is Being Called The Feminist ‘Purge’

The Trailer for Assassination Nation
Youtube / NEON

When The Purge was first released in theaters, it got a lot of people talking. What would happen if, one day a year, nothing (and I mean nothing) was illegal? What would the world look like? Here’s another scenario: what if it wasn’t legal, but the violent uprising had to do with a data leak that exposed everyone’s secrets?

That’s what happens in Assassination Nation. When someone airs all the dirty laundry of a fictional town called Salem (yes, sort of like the one from the Salem witch trials), lives are ruined and neighbors turn on neighbors as the town erupts in violent chaos. Four high school girls must band together if they’re going to survive the night — and the toxic masculinity surrounding their town.

While I’m not usually big on gory movies, I’ve got to admit, this one has me pretty intrigued. How will misogyny play out in the film? Assassination Nation has been called an “extremely blunt social satire about sexism and social media“, showing how women are forced to fit certain boxes and then criticized when they do. In the trailer’s trigger warnings, it also mentions transphobia and homophobia, which makes me wonder how they’ll use a violent, bloody horror movie to satirize some of the extremely big social problems we face in the U.S.

Assassination Nation is scheduled to be released in theaters on September 21.

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