This Is Why Kylie Jenner Deleted All Her Pictures Of Baby Stormy

Kylie Jenner on Keeping Up With The Kardashians
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Kylie Jenner has been much more liberal about showing off her baby to fans than her famous sisters have been. Both Khloe and Kim have kept their newborns under wraps, but Kylie has shown her love via Instagram, sharing pics and stories of baby Stormi Webster for her adoring fans. But according to Jenner, those days are long gone now.

If you scroll through Jenner’s Instagram, you may notice that a lot of previously posted pics of her daughter are now gone. Of course, you can still find many of those photos floating around the Internet, but it looks like Jenner is no longer interested in sharing Stormi with the public.

While Kylie never opened up about this decision in public, she did hint that it was deliberate when someone called her out for posting a selfie, where she cut out her daughter from the picture.

“she CUT HER BABY OUT,” a fan wrote.

Everyone who understands social media etiquette knows that it’s actually pretty rude to cut others out of a group photo, but Kylie, of course, had her reasons: “yeah i cut my baby out,” she responded. “I’m not sharing photos of my girl right now.”

I think it’s save to say that Kylie needed some privacy regarding her family. I’m not sure if she’s tired of negative comments or if she’s simply decided to take a page out of her sisters’ books, but it looks like little Stormi won’t be living int he limelight anymore. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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