‘Suspiria’ Just Dropped Its Terrifying First Trailer And It Looks Even Creepier Than The Original

Suspiria trailer
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Trailers can make or break a movie, in a sense. A well-done trailer will have me at a movie theater opening night, excitedly wriggling in my seat as I wait for the film to start, while a bad one may make the movie go under my radar completely. This is especially hard for horror movies, in my opinion – it’s so easy to make a scary movie seem generic or underwhelming in a trailer. Suspiria, however, does not fall into that trap.

The remake of the 1977 classic just dropped its first trailer, and it’s absolutely chilling. This version swaps out the original’s bright colors with drab red and brown hues, the upbeat music with slow, synthetic beats that will make your hair stand on end. There’s something incredibly off about this trailer, and that’s where its charm lies.

Never have I been so intrigued by a horror film, yet so utterly afraid to see it. This movie, with it’s old school ’70s vibes and vintage feel, is already setting itself up to be the thing of nightmares.

Fans of the Argento classic already know the storyline, but for those of you who don’t, Suspiria follows the students and instructors at a dance academy, and the darkness that many will succumb to — and that many will find waking inside of them. With Luca Guadagnino directing and Tilda Swindon, Dakota Johnson, and Chloë Grace Moretz stepping up as the movie’s stars, there’s no way this one isn’t going to be good.

Suspiria will arrive in theaters November 2. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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