Rihanna Named This New Fenty Eyeliner After One Of Her Epic Twitter Clapbacks

Rihanna on The Ellen Show
Youtube / TheEllenShow

America may not have royalty, but we do have Rihanna, which is kind of the same thing. Our Fashion Queen is dropping more beauty products under her Fenty Beauty line (yaaaasss!), but the best part? She’s dropping funny little Easter eggs here and there throughout her collection, and when you find them, you’re gonna laugh your butt off.

For instance, one Twitter user realized that one of the new Fenty’s new eyeliner names, “Cuz I’m Black,” sounded familiar.

Twitter / Rappana

It turns out that the saying has actually been linked to Rihanna before, in one of her most epic Twitter clapbacks ever.

Twitter / Rappana

You’ve got to admit, it’s pretty freaking smart to use your own social media persona to help sell makeup, especially when Rihanna is known for being sassy and hilarious. It kind of makes me want to buy my own “Cuz I’m Black” Flyliner, and I don’t even wear eyeliner.

Time to search through the rest of Fenty’s site to see what other little Easter eggs we can find. I’m ready to go all in, conspiracy theorist-style. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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