Kristen Stewart And Robert Pattinson Got Caught Hanging Out Together And Fans Are SHOOK

Youtube / TheEllenShow

Remember when we were all back in middle school and we were absolutely CERTAIN that Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart were meant to be? Well, be still my beating heart, because the two were caught hanging out again and I am officially SHOOK.

The pair broke up in 2013 after about four solid years of dating (the timelines are pretty blurry, since the couple played coy at first), but they were recently seen hanging out at a party for Lily Rose Depp (as ex-lovers are wont to do) and the Daily Mail, who even managed to publish some blurry pics of the two together, claimed that the two may have finally reconciled. As in, Bella and Edward might be together again at last???

But of course, it’s all speculation and rumors at this point. Last we knew, Rob Pattz still wanted to get back together with his ex, singer FKA Twigs, who he was engaged to since 2015. And, as far as we know, Stewart is still dating her model girlfriend Stella Maxwell as of May. Besides, it’s totally possible that the ex-lovers were really just partying together as old friends. Still, the couple’s stans aren’t giving up that easy.

So could Edward and Bella (Robert and Kristen, whatevs) be finally getting back together? Maybe not, but my fragile, middle school-girl heart still soars all the same. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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