Kim Kardashian Might Get Us The ‘Edit Tweet’ Button We All Need

Kim Kardashian Might Get Us The 'Edit Tweet' Button We All Need
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The absolute WORST part of Twitter is when you write out the perfect tweet, tweet it, and then realize, hours later, that there is a GLARING mistake in it. What do you do? Risk your retweets and likes to try it again, even at the risk of your followers noticing? Reply to it with a “haha” and a correction? Pretend like you don’t notice the error, even when it’s killing you inside?

Well, Kim Kardashian West, an upcoming advocate for human rights, may have a solution: it’s time for an “edit tweet” button.

According to Kardashian, she spoke to Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey at hubby Kanye’s birthday party and petitioned for the right of all citizens of the world to clean up their mistakes once and for all. (You know, on Twitter.)

Of course, there are plenty of concerns that come along with the “edit button.” You might like a tweet that says one thing one day and something else the next. I’m sure there will be plenty of trolling going on. But honestly, isn’t it worth it so I don’t look like a total idiot all the time?

Look, I’m not saying Kim Kardashian is saving lives (though she had something going there with the whole Alice Johnson thing), but she sure is saving face. And that’s all that matters to me rn. TC mark

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