Here’s How Rihanna Helped Anne Hathaway Feel Less Insecure About Her Body

Anne Hathaway on The Ellen Show
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Rihanna is the queen of body positivity and nothing you say can make me believe otherwise. Not only is the songstress completely unapologetic about her own weight fluctuations and changing body (it’s called “being a human being,” look it up), but she also focuses on making her beauty and lingerie lines inclusive to every skin color and body shape. She’s revolutionary af — don’t @ me.

According to her Ocean 8 costars, Rihanna practices what she preaches, too. Anne Hathaway in particular was nervous about her role in the film, especially since she had gained a little weight since her last project. But her coworkers were quick to assure her she had nothing to worry about.

“I walked on the set, and my weight’s a little up and I’m just aware of it…and I’m in my jeans, and I’ve done my best and I’m gonna love myself no matter what,” Hathaway told Ellen Degeneres. “And Sandy Bullock looks up and goes, ‘You look good mama.’ And then Cate Blanchett’s like, ‘Nice jeans, Hathaway.’ And then Rihanna looks up and goes, ‘Damn girl, you got an ass.’ ”

So what did Hathaway do? What any normal person would do if the great Rihanna complimented their ass: “I of course was freaked out and loved it so much and I go, ‘Really?’ And she goes, ‘You got an ass like me.’ And I can honestly say I’ve never had that experience on a film set before.”

Okay, how in love am I with the idea of these amazing actresses all being super supportive of one another on set? I’ll answer that: VERY in love with it. I would even say I’m romantically obsessed.

It’s no secret that Hollywood demands that women look a certain way to land roles in movies. They have to be a certain size, have a certain style of hair, have a certain look. And when you’ve been in the limelight for awhile, like Hathaway, it’s probably difficult to maintain that over time. But with all the changes in Hollywood that’s been happening these days, I don’t think it’s totally implausible that we might be heading toward a more inclusive, accepting environment. At the very least, if we can create atmospheres like the Oceans 8 set, we’ll be taking the first few steps.

In a world full of women all struggling to fit a wildly idealized and unrealistic standard of beauty, let’s all be Rihannas. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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