Drake’s New Music Video Is Just One Giant ‘Degrassi’ Reunion

Drake in his music video for "I'm Upset"
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Attention all ’90s kids: Jimmy Brooks is back! At least, he is for about six and a half solid minutes. Drake reprised his Degrassi role in his new music video for “I’m Upset,” and he isn’t the only one. In fact, most of his costars managed to make it to the reunion at Degrassi Community College, and it looks about as lit as you’d expect any Degrassi party to get.

Seriously, I’m not kidding when I say they’re all there. There’s Spinner, Jimmy’s best friend, looking dapper in a suit (and then later looking a little less dapper as he pukes all over the bathroom). There’s Manny and Emma, who are still bffs for life. There’s Craig, who’s cleaned up, and Ellie and Marco, who still obviously keep in touch, and Paige, who just looks straight-up fabulous. But besides all the crazy cameos, there’s a lot going on in this music video: Rick (who shot Jimmy in the show) gets chased down by Drake’s crew, Snake buys drugs from Jay and Silent Bob, and some serious shit goes down at the end.

But the most important part of all? Connor got HOT. Like dayummmmn boy, talk about a glow up.

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Karena Evans, the 22-year-old genius behind the video, obviously knew what the world wanted. Or, considering she’s 22, it’s also very likely that it’s something that she wanted, but probably knew the rest of us would appreciate as well. Before social media began acting as the doorway into everyone else’s business, we had to get our drama fix from shows like Degrassi (and when I say “shows like Degrassi,” I really just mean Degrassi). And trust me, I THRIVED off of it.

So thank you, Karena, thank you, Drake, and thank you, Degrassi cast. You’ve made this woman’s dreams come true. TC mark

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