Beyoncé Shared These Never-Before-Seen Photos Of Twins Rumi And Sir While On Tour

Beyonce in concert
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Beyoncé has her life so on lockdown that sometimes I honestly forget that she’s a mother of three now. Blue Ivy may be comfortable with the spotlight, but twins Sir and Rumi have yet to have the same treatment as their older sister. At least, they did until now.

Beyoncé and Jay-Z are on the first leg of their On The Run II tour and, in traditional Beyoncé fashion, she used bits and pieces of her real life to tease the intros of songs. At one point in the night, there were side-by-side pictures of Beyoncé and Jay-Z, each holding their twins in their arms.

It’s no surprised that the Bey Hive is officially freaking out.

Some fans even knew exactly which child was which, because they’re truly on another level.

It seems like a newsworthy time to share pictures of the twins, considering they turn one on June 13. Hopefully we’ll see more of the two in celebration of their upcoming birthday. TC mark

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