Ariana Grande Sort Of Confirmed Her Engagement On Twitter

Ariana Grande in her 'No Tears Left To Cry' music video
Youtube / ArianaGrandeVEVO

Yesterday, Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson broke the internet when PEOPLE announced that they were maybe, probably, almost definitely engaged. Of course, all of that information came from an unnamed source, and neither came out to formally announce their engagement. But either Ariana is having a ton of fun with the rumors or she’s officially taken to Twitter to basically confirm the rumors.

Most of these confirmations have come in responses to fans, who tweeted at her about the upcoming wedding.

She also tweeted “we need to talk” to Camila Cabello, who she’s referred to before as her wife.

Even outside of what Ariana herself has tweeted, what she’s liked on social media seems to say a lot:

So yeah, Ariana Grande hasn’t really said anything about her engagement, but she’s kind of said everything about her engagement. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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