YouTuber Elijah Daniel Is Suing Trump For Blocking Him On Twitter

Elijah Daniel on Youtube
Youtube / Elijah Daniel

Earlier this week, the Federal District Court ruled that Trump blocking Twitter users is unconstitutional, as it’s a violation of the first amendment. Considering Trump has blocked a lot of people, including celebrities like Chrissy Teigen, Stephen King, Rosie O’Donnell, and just about every other person who has said anything bad about him, it’s a pretty big deal. That includes YouTuber Elijah Daniel.

Elijah, who’s known for his over-the-top shenanigans (remember when he became the mayor of Hell, Michigan for a single day until he was ousted for banning heterosexuals from entering the town?), has decided to use his position as a blocked man for his next greatest stunt: suing the President of the United States.

No, seriously. He’s going to sue Donald Trump for blocking him on Twitter. This is not a drill.

And trust me, EVERYONE wants in on this action.


Get ready for the best lawsuit this nation has ever seen. TC mark

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