Who Is ‘Victoria’ And Why Is Kylie Jenner Naming Her New Lip Kit Shade After Her?

Kylie Jenner and Victoria in their Never Have I Ever video
Youtube / Kylie Cosmetics

Kylie Jenner is known for naming product lines and shades from Kylie Cosmetics after those who are close to her. She’s done collaborations with her mom and her Kardashian sisters and even named specific shades after Stormi, Kourtney, and her grandma, Mary Jo. Her newest shade, which is dropping on May 31, it called Victoria. But who the hell is that?

Well, this specific color is named after someone who’s unexpectedly close to Kylie, but not actually related to her. Rumor has it that the bright berry lippie was made for Victoria Villarroel, her personal assistant.


Villarroel has been Jenner’s assistant since 2015, and before that she was an intern at Kris Jenner’s company Jenner Communications from 2012 to 2014. Obviously she proved to not only be a great asset to the family business, but a great friend. After all, Kylie only names cosmetics after people she really feels close to.

What can we say? We’re a bit jealous. Not only does Villarroel get to be the assistant and friend of one of the coolest people on earth, she also gets her own freakin’ lipstick shade. Someone give me that life, please. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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