Who Is Ben Simmons, Kendall Jenner’s Rumored New Boyfriend?

Kendall Jenner interview with Vogue
Youtube / Vogue

Kendall Jenner’s love life has been an enigma since, well, forever. For a while, people speculated whether or not she was dating rapper A$AP Rocky (some sources said they weren’t technically “official”), and then NBA player Blake Griffin. Others were convinced that the oldest of the Kardashian-Jenner siblings was actually lesbian (“I don’t think I have a bisexual or gay bone in my body, but I don’t know! Who knows?!” she said in an interview with Vogue). Now there’s a new beau to speculate about: Ben Simmons. But who is he?

Simmons is a 22-year-old basketball player from Australia that NBA fans just might recognize. He currently plays for the Philadelphia 76ers, which he was drafted onto in the 2016-2017 season.

I guess Kendall has a type? Not that it’s a huge surprise — she told Vogue that she has “a huge basketball obsession,” so maybe it’s just natural that she finds herself in relationships with NBA players again and again. Jenner’s relationship with Blake Griffin cooled off after he was from the Los Angeles Clippers to the Detroit Pistons, so it’s surprising to see Kendall trying to date someone so long-distance, but if she can make it work, who am I to judge? You do you, girl. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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