There’s A Wild New Conspiracy Theory About WTF Is Going On With Kanye And It Actually Kind Of Makes Sense

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Kanye West is dominating the news cycle with his incredibly controversial remarks. First he endorsed Trump; then he claimed that slavery was a choice. Honestly, most people are just sick of hearing about the musician at this point. And yet… we are intrigued.

But this radio DJ thinks that maybe all of Kanye’s comments (and his shitstorm of tweets) can be boiled down to one possible conspiracy theory:

Buckle in, friends, because this is about to get complicated af. It all starts with a man named Tremaine Emory, who you may (or may not) already know.

He seems to be pretty close to Kanye, from what we can see.

So, why does this matter? We’ll get to it.

Here’s why all this matters (maybe):

You’ve got to admit, they’re all strange things to tweet out of nowhere.

But it doesn’t even stop there.


Here’s more evidence, in case you’re interested:

I’ll be real — this analysis definitely makes some sense, at least. But also… Kanye once sold a plain white shirt for $120 (which, again, could’ve just been a statement), so who tf knows with this guy. Not to mention that, about a year and a half ago, he said, “If I voted, I would have voted for Trump.”

So yeah, maybe it’s a stretch. Still, it’s nice to think that this man who’s lived his life in the limelight — and who, in the past, was known for speaking out on injustices — might just be playing us all in the name of art. TC mark

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