The New ‘A Simple Favor’ Trailer Shows A Darker Side Of Blake Lively

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Blake Lively has been teasing her newest film, A Simple Favor, since the beginning of May. It all started with a creepy Instagram update, where she deleted all of her photos, unfollowed all of her friends, and began to follow only people named Emily Nelson. Her bio read, “What happened to Emily?” That’s how you know this movie is going to be suspenseful.

Since then, two trailers have dropped. The first seemed strangely chic and coquettish, despite the dark undertones of thriller about a missing woman, and mostly likely murder. The second trailer, however, seems anything but lighthearted.

Lively dropped the new trailer on Twitter yesterday, and compared to the first one, it seems dark, twisted, and honestly, just a touch creepy. Maybe that’s just because of the music — but also, maybe it’s because the imagery at the end gives off the sense of desperation and chaos.

The film will focus on a mom blogger (Anna Kendrick), the disappearance of her best friend Emily (Lively), betrayal, and a dead body, which is probably where the creepy vibe comes from. It’s set to come out September 14, and I’m so ready. TC mark

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