Taylor Swift Fired Her Good Friend And Backup Dancer For These Super Sexist Instagram Memes

Taylor Swift in her "Look What You Made Me Do" music video
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Wow, Taylor Swift’s backup dancers are just full of drama, aren’t they? Not only are they allegedly the cause of the Katy-Taylor feud, but now one is under fire for posting sexist memes on Instagram.

Swift is reportedly “livid” at backup dancer Toshi, who posted a series of Instagram posts that joked that women should go “back to the kitchen” and made fun of sexual assault. She was so angry, in fact, that she ended up firing him in the middle of her Reputation tour.


Of course, Toshi was more than just an employee — he was a close friend of Swift’s. She even donated $50k to Toshi’s sick nephew to help him fight cancer back in 2015, solidifying to the world that they had each other’s backs. Maybe that’s why it was so hard for Swift when Toshi began posting sexist jokes that hit just a little too close to home.

“She has considered him one of her closest friends on the road after recruiting him for her 1989 tour back in 2014,” a source told the Daily Mail. “But she simply cannot endorse this behavior and to do so would be setting a bad example to her fans.”

Toshi has since made his Instagram private. I guess that’s what you get for not being more careful about what you post on social media, especially when you’re a public figure. Someday people will learn. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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