Rihanna Is Dropping A Plus-Size Lingerie Line For ‘Fenty’

Rihanna for Fenty
Youtube / Vogue

All hail Rihanna, Queen of Fashion. Ri Ri blessed us with her Fenty makeup line late last year, and now she’s about to drop the newest project that’s about the change the game for women everywhere: Savage x Fenty, her lingerie line.

Okay, so here’s the thing. It’s not just that Rihanna is dropping a lingerie line. Like her makeup, she’s doing her best to be all-inclusive, which means she’s also including a plus-size collection that goes up to size 44DDD. Now that’s a size you aren’t going to find in Victoria’s Secret.

But it gets better! Undies go from size XS to 3X, which means a whole range of body sizes are going to get the opportunity to feel as sexy as Robyn Fenty herself.

If you don’t think this is a big deal, then you’ve never struggled to find the perfect fit in a store. A lot of stores will only go up to 36D, and that’s generally only if they’re a place that specializes in bras. (Good luck even finding something like that in your local Forever21.) Anything bigger than that usually means special ordering something online, which is not only expensive, but a straight-up hassle, and even then you just have to admit defeat and resign yourself to the fact that your lingerie just probably won’t be that cute.


But Rihanna’s giving all of us curvy ladies the opportunities to look and feel cute, which is, quite honestly, a huge deal. You’ve got to hand it to Rihanna — not only does she give us high quality products that we’re absolutely obsessed with, but Fenty is one of the few beauty lines that goes out of its way to be all-inclusive. It’s brought her a ton of good press, and it’s also sure to blaze trails for other beauty brands who hope to try to keep up. Fenty is the start of a beauty revolution. Thought Catalog Logo Mark




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