Instagram Will Now Let You Mute All Your Annoying Friends You’re Too Afraid To Unfollow

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There’s a certain etiquette when it comes to social media. For instance, if you’re friends with someone irl, you better be friends with them url. And unfollowing a friend, colleague, or flirtationship only means one thing: there’s some bad blood brewing.

This, of course, makes some friendships incredibly hard to manage. We’ve all had that one friend that we loved interacting with in real life on a day-to-day basis, but whose Internet presence is a little hard to swallow. The same goes for family members, who you’re pretty much required to follow even if their political rants are a little much for you. But good news, friends! Instagram will let you continue to follow someone while completely erasing any sign from them from your newsfeed!


Similar to Facebook’s “unfollow” function, Instagram is now rolling out a “mute” option, which will allow users to remove someone’s posts (or posts AND stories) from their newsfeeds. So that annoying aunt who keeps posting non-stop political propaganda? Mute that crap! Your friend who relentlessly posts selfies every few hours? Buh-bye!Your ex who you’re still ~technically~ on good terms with but won’t stop posting cute pics with their gorgeous fiance? You know what to do.

Honestly, we needed this function a long, long time ago. This is going to make preserving friendships — especially those that may be more fragile than others — only that much easier. TC mark

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