Here’s How Many New Netflix Shows You Can Expect This Year

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Netflix is blessing the world with good entertainment one original production at a time. The streaming site has brought us binge-worthy shows like Stranger Things and 13 Reasons Why, comedy specials from John Mulaney and Allie Wong, and movies such as Adam Sandler’s newest flick, The Week Of. But this is just the beginning of Netflix’s reign as the Internet’s number one entertainment provider. Trust me, there’s a whole lot more to come.

In fact, just the remainder of 2018 promises at least 470 new original shows and movies, bringing the company’s total tally to nearly 1,000. Just think about that for a minute. In the next six-and-a-half months, Netflix will release 470 new shows and movies. That doesn’t even include existing shows that are waiting for their newest seasons, like Arrested Development or The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt.

Of course, there is a downside to all this. With so much money and effort going into producing new content (in fact, 85% of the company’s spending will go toward new shows), that means we’re less likely to see our favorite syndicated shows and movies on the streaming site. Users who use Netflix to revisit their favorite movies or TV shows that weren’t produced by the company may find themselves considering different streaming sites to use in the future.

But while it’s sad to see that Netflix has little interest in syndication anymore, it’s still exciting to see what new content the company has in store for customers. We already know we’ll soon be seeing content from the superproducer Ryan Murphy (creator of Glee and American Horror Story) and Academy Award winner Guillermo del Toro (director of The Shape of Water), and who knows who else the corporation could bring on. At the very least, you can expect quality. TC mark

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