Here’s Every Photo Khloe Kardashian Has Posted Of Baby True

Khloe Kardashian on Jimmy Kimmel Live
Youtube / Jimmy Kimmel Life

Baby True Thompson is officially one month old and her parents can’t keep her completely under wraps anymore. Just last week, Tristan Thompson opened up about his daughter and how she had changed him, and even told the press that True had a head full of hair and green eyes. It was the only description of the baby we had, at least until Khloe Kardashian decided to celebrate True’s one month mark and Mother’s Day to finally reveal pictures of her daughter to the world.

It started with this picture, our first sneak peak of baby True (though, let’s be real, this photo doesn’t really tell us anything).

True was born on April 12, just days after her father’s cheating scandal hit the news cycle. It’s made True’s short life shrouded in plenty of gossip and speculation, which may be why so many people were ecstatic to get a first look (no matter how small) at the baby girl.

But then, for True’s one month “birthday”, Khloe posted this video of her baby as she crooned, “Happy one month old, Mama. I love you, pretty girl.”

But luckily for us, Khloe also celebrated Mother’s Day by spamming Snapchat with plenty of stills and videos of True, giving fans an inside look to her life as a mother.

Okay, you have to admit: that’s one cute baby. And Khloe so obviously loves motherhood, which will reassure those who are worried about Khloe’s wellbeing. We can’t wait for the next round of photos! Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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