10 People Who Were Pronounced Clinically Dead Reveal What Happens When You Die

Trigger warning: death
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1. “My heart stopped in a hospital…”

My heart stopped in a hospital. It was rather unexpected. I was watching the monitor hit 41 bpm then 0 and all the lines were flat. I had just enough time to say “huh?” before losing consciousness. I had a dream that was very short and more disconnected than most dreams. I say confusing but others may say profound. The content was more or less about what was on my mind at the time and some of my interests. Mostly very familiar stuff. There is nothing after really. I can see how people could see their life flash before their eyes or see god if that is what was important to them.

— Ndvorsky

2. “Drowned at a public pool when I was 7, woke up a week later at a children’s hospital…”

Drowned at a public pool when I was 7, woke up a week later at a children’s hospital. Apparently the first word out of my mouth was hamburger. I don’t remember anything on how it happened. Sometimes I thing I may still be dreaming and never know. Also had to go through some walking therapy, laying in bed for 7 days straight does a number on your muscles.

— Hexusnoken

3. “There was nothing…”

There was nothing. Not a blackness, I mean literally nothing. It was like I blinked. One moment I was struggling for air, the next moment I was in a hospital bed.

— gayestwitchbro

4. “When I was 12 I got in a jet ski accident…”

When I was 12 I got in a jet ski accident. I was unconscious and not responsive for about 30 minutes. The only thing I remember after the accident was waking up in the ambulance with paramedics hovering over me. I don’t remember seeing anything in the 30 minutes I was out. Ended up with about 120 stitches in my neck.

My sister told me after they had pulled me out of the water onto a boat. I don’t remember that. I don’t remember the boat trip to shore and I don’t remember being loaded into an ambulance. After the whole thing was over I question an afterlife for the first time in my life. I was raised in a Christian family.

— Cartmansclone

5. “My grandfather was stationed in the South Pacific in WWII…”

My grandfather was stationed in the South Pacific in WWII. He was cleaning his rifle in a shed which was struck by lightening. He and several others, including his best friend, were taken to the hospital. The MDs pronounced him dead, no pulse, no respiration, etc. His friend was next to him and insisted they work on my grandfather. He was brought back to life but described the events to my family. He said everything he did in life was played before him and there was a subtle change of color from light/dark depending on what he did. He was a devout Irish Catholic. I find it more interesting that they had already started sending the letter of to his mother and she received one saying he was dead. My grandfather had 2 brother who she had also received letters saying they were dead. Neither of his brothers actually ended up being dead!

— C137Andrew

6. “Saw a huge burst of mandalas as I was slipping away…”

Saw a huge burst of mandalas as I was slipping away, but it went to black like everybody is saying. I heard a voice saying to let go but maybe it was me telling myself that. Then I thought of my parents and pulled myself back. This was during brain surgery

— LadyMandala

7. “It’s hard to say…”

It’s hard to say. When I was revived after a collapsed lung, I personally don’t remember anything except that weird feeling of knowing I had a dream but can’t remember any of it. As soon as I woke up I had that feeling. I remembered everything fuzzing out to black as I was being taken to the ER, then was suddenly in a hospital room.

On the opposite side of the spectrum, my girlfriend who was revived after she stopped breathing and flatlined described tons of dreamy type experiences. One where she was lost in a field of flowers, which transitioned into speaking nonsense to me and family before falling into nothing and suddenly being in the hospital room. Despite only being a very short time, she remembered what seemed like dozens of dream-like memories and wrote down several of the clearer ones in her diary.

Either way from what we experienced, it’s not really scary, there’s no walk through memory lane. It’s just knowing you aren’t breathing, and waiting for the black borders to close in. I doubt many people have tried, but if you’ve ever tried holding your breath until you pass out, it’s that. Of course take this as just our experience with stopping breathing which lead to death. I can’t say if any other type of death experience is the same.

— Cynister_

8. “Severe car accident that killed 3 of my co-workers…”

Severe car accident that killed 3 of my co-workers, we fell off a 200ft mountain side(was working for a surveying company) I was thrown out the truck and rolled all the way down and only I lived. I was able to call for help on my radio, long story short, I remember seeing the helicopter and air lifting me away and hearing the paramedic say “stay with me, Christian, stay with me.” I died and it felt like a dream or I dont even know how to explain it but I remember seeing the helicopter from above but spinning slowly, and I heard a voice say my name. I saw everything l, past present and future but before I learned anymore I was pulled back to my body and saw the paramedic again saying “I got a pulse” passed out again and woke up in the hospital….fuck I need a blunt now.

— TheMightyTian

9. “I was like 4 when I was kidnapped and beaten…”

I was like 4 when I was kidnapped and beaten. They drugged me and I went out. I woke up surrounded by other children and my grandfather. I was happy. I was peaceful. A man was sitting and talking to me. A woman came around with a book. She said that there was an error. It wasn’t my time. Everyone around me got sad. I said i wanted to stay. They looked at the book together and smiled. Told me I’d die much older. I had work to do. I hugged grandpa and I shot down a long dark tunnel. I came to in whiteness. Everything was loud. Buzzing. First it was white. So white. Shapes started forming. A man was over me working on me in the back of an ambulence. The police were happy. Told the bad guys that they are lucky I came to. I should be dead.

According to my parents… A week or two went by. I found a picture of grandpa. I held on to it. No one told me it was grandpa before. I just knew.

My dad is getting older now. Grandpa died when my dad was in 1st grade. Dad has an uncanny presence to grandpa. Its bittersweet. My dad holds his body the same.

Of course i was drugged. So who knows what is real and what isnt. I just feel like it was real. It felt real.

— MissStudied

10. “Got hit by a car on my 5th birthday…”

Got hit by a car on my 5th birthday. I remember what happened before the accident and then I remember waking briefly in the hospital and then blacking out for like two weeks. The before “waking briefly” part was me being lifeless while the doctors were trying to resuscitate me. There was nothing. No feelings, no senses, just simply nothing. One second I’m waiting to cross the street, the next second I get woken up by an unfamiliar voice repeating “I’m so sorry” over and over again. That’s when I tried opening the eyes for the first time. Everything was so white and I couldn’t focus anything or even distinguish objects. There was just this shadow of a man standing almost over me and continously apologizing. I remember saying “I forgive you” and then blacking out again.

There really is nothing and I’m not sure if that’s comforting or scary.

— Doigenunchi Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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