YouTuber Jessie Paege Explains What It REALLY Means To Have Social Anxiety, Because It’s Not Just Binging Netflix And Hating Everyone

Jessie Paege in her video on social anxiety titled, "The 10 Truths of Social Anxiety"
Youtube / jessiepaege

YouTuber Jessie Paege has used her platform to advocate for mental health for a while. She’s made several videos discussing and relating her own struggles to her fans’, including “How to Get Through Anxiety for Back to School” and “The 10 Truths of Social Anxiety“, which have each received thousands of views.

This week, Jessie decided to keep the discussion going on Twitter. After hearing people claiming social anxiety had to do with hating people and social situations, she decided to set the record straight.

Jessie makes a good point. People tend to equate social anxiety with wanting to be alone, but truth is that a lot of people with social anxiety want to be part of social situations. Unfortunately, it just isn’t that easy for them.

Twitter user Morgan Elaine went on to explain Jessie’s point in depth, and a lot of people applauded her description of the anxiety disorder.

Others even chimed in with their own experiences with social anxiety, which, NEWSFLASH, had nothing to do just wanting to be alone.

It’s important that we start talking about these disorders more in-depth, not only because it’s important that people understand them, but because by helping people understand them, we’re getting rid of mental health stigmas. Don’t be afraid to speak up and talk about what you’re going through, because trust me, you’re not alone. TC mark

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