This Youtube Star Was Called ‘Trashy’ By Her Haters, So She Made An Actual Dress Out Of Garbage Bags

Amber Scholl in her DIY video
Youtube / Amber Scholl and Twitter / @AmberScholl

If you have any sort of Internet presence at all, you also definitely have at least one (and probably many) haters, too. Unfortunately, that’s just the way of the world. Either you just have to block them out or beat them at their own game, which is what YouTube Star Amber Scholl decided to do.

After a slew of comments calling her “trashy,” Amber decided to rise up and embody the label as best as she could. And what better way to do that than to wear a dress made of actual trash bags?

The DIY fashion queen did her thang and ended up with this stunning dress, which is the perfect mix of trashy and classy.

Twitter / @AmberScholl

Let’s be real: WE ARE NOT WORTHY.

Here’s a full tutorial of how to make the dress, in case you’re actually interested in giving it a try:

Now we can all be trash queens. TC mark

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