This Women Broke Up With Her Boyfriend After His Super Sexist Response To Her Prom Dress And Everyone On Twitter Is Cheering

Maddie Witham on twitter and her messages to her boyfriend
Twitter / @MadisonWitham

It’s 2018 and women are finally realizing they don’t have to deal with boys’ bs anymore. Like Twitter user Maddie Witham, whose response to her boyfriend’s pretty offensive critique of her prom dress has the whole internet applauding her.

It all started when Maddie texted her boyfriend that she found a dress for the prom.

Twitter / @MadisonWitham

The only problem is… he really didn’t like the dress. And not only that, but he was pretty freakin’ rude about it.

Twitter / @MadisonWitham

Um, boy, byee. You get a round of applause from us for that one, Maddie. Know your worth, girl.

Some dudes on Twitter defended the boyfriend, saying that he was “just being honest”,  but people were quick to shut them down because, uh, there’s a pretty big difference between “I don’t like that dress” and “you look like a slut.”

Seriously, what’s with all this “slut” bs? Why do guys think they can talk to women like that? Everyone should just be like Maddie and drop whatever asshole think it’s cool to say something as dumb as that.

Though we’ll be honest… we all kind of want to see the dress now.

Oh well, we know you’re slaying, girl. TC mark

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