This Woman Had The Best Response When She Noticed Her Baby Brother Copying His Muslim Teachers’ Habits

A little kid playing with legos and a tweet about acceptance
Unsplash / Caleb Woods and Twitter / @waaxsamay

If you have a kid, you know just how impressionable they can be. When I was growing up, my little brother used to want to do everything I did — he wanted to put on makeup, play with my dolls, listen to my music. There’s nothing wrong or toxic about it — it’s all an exploration to figure out their own place in life.

When Twitter user Ky noticed her brother kept pulling a mat out of his diaper bag and lying down on it, she wasn’t sure exactly what he was doing at first. Eventually, though, she realized he was imitating his Muslim daycare teachers. And instead of freaking out like some people would, she thought it was adorable.

Actually, a lot of people couldn’t get over how freaking cute it was that he looked up to his teachers so much.

Other Twitter users posted their own videos of the kids in their lives picking up similar habits from the adults in their lives.

But more than anything, people were inspired by Ky’s response to her brother’s actions, because there are a lot of people in the world who would have freaked out if they’d noticed their kids or family members emulating Muslim rituals. After all, it’s those overreactions that cause prejudices in young children.

If only we could all approach the people in our lives with the same kind of acceptance and understanding. Maybe the world would be a better place. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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