This Woman Accidentally Ended Up In The Middle Of A Sting Operation And She Tweeted The Whole Wild Story

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Buckle up, you guys, because I have a wild Twitter find for you. Yesterday, Twitter user Erin Burr started this thread about her crazy day, which is actually absolutely bonkers. Seriously, you’re gonna want to make yourself a bag of popcorn, prop up your feet somewhere comfortable, and read on.

It all started when her dog pooped on the floor:

It’s story time, guys.

Because that’s not creepy at all.

But from there, it just gets weirder.

Noooo, Erin!!!

Well, that’s a plot twist.

Nothing’s quite like being reminded you’re an ancient being while in the middle of an emergency.

Apparently, no one’s having a great day.

And that’s when it hits her:

It turns out, there was a lot more to her creepy neighbors than she knew.

In a weird way, it was kind of like finding buried treasure when you actually don’t want to find buried treasure at all.

And then there was this absolutely terrible find:

And then the worst find of all:

But is it REALLY the end?

THE END. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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