This Student’s Super Racist Promposal Just Went Viral For All The Worst Reasons

Racist promposal sign from Riverview High School
Facebook / Mandy Marie

It’s 2018 and racism is still rampant. I wish I could say I’m surprised, but… well… at this point, is anybody?

But now that it’s prom season, not only do we have to deal with ridiculously terrible promposals, we also get to deal with terribly racist ones, too! One particularly awful one comes from Riverview High School in Florida, where student Nick Crowley thought it was a great idea to make a promposal sign that said “If I was black I’d be picking cotton, but I’m white so I’m picking U 4 Prom?”

Facebook / Mandy Marie

Yeah. Really. Apparently he and his prom date thought it was so ingenious they posted it on Snapchat, where, unsurprisingly, people were pissed. But according to some students and acquaintances of the promposal pair, this is far from the only instance of racism in the area. In fact, one student described the high school’s problems as a “race war.”

Facebook / Mandy Marie

The promposal has since gone viral on both Facebook and Twitter, with plenty of Internet users expressing their disgust at Crowley and the girl involved.

Crowley has since apologized, claiming the sign was just a joke. Riverview acting principal Kathy Wilks said the school does not condone the message but did not say whether or not action would be taken against Crowley or other students involved. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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