This Mom Got Drunk For The First Time Since She Gave Birth And Discovered This Hilariously Awesome Talent

A woman sipping on a pina colada and a tweet about a drunk mom
Unsplash / Garett Mizunaka and Twitter / @josie_grady

If you’re like me, then you probably have at least one secret superpower that only emerges once you’re very, very drunk. For instance, I’m surprisingly good at dancing when I’m drunk — and only when I’m drunk. I’m also pretty great at finding restaurants that are open past midnight once I get the munchies.

But this mom’s superpower far exceeds any of my own. After getting drunk for the first time after nine months (after she finally gave birth), she and her friends decided they were craving frozen pizza. And somehow, this happened:

Okay, but seriously, I can’t get over how great that woman’s aim is. And something about their laughter is way too contagious — I can’t stop chortling.

God bless drunk people. They really are the most, but also the best. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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