This Family Was Devastated When Their Cat Went Missing, But They Weren’t Expecting This Hilariously Wild Plot Twist

A white cat in the leaves and a text conversation with a family
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Anyone who has lost a pet before knows how incredibly tragic it is. It’s literally like losing a family member. I guess Imgur user ‘s family could tell you that — after their cat went missing, they were devastated. They were even more beat up when they found her in the street later that night.

And while this should be a tragic story, but it’s not, because… well, I think I’m going to let you just read this one for yourself.

Imgur / Jaspering

Plot twist: apparently miracles DO happen, because it turns out the family had it very, very wrong.

Imgur / Jaspering


Imgur / Jaspering

And I mean VERY wrong.

Imgur / Jaspering

A truly wild ride from start to finish. What could have been a truly tragic story somehow became one of the funniest anecdotes online. I was getting my tissues ready but just ended up laughing instead. Which I guess is a good thing???

RIP little bunny. TC mark

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