This 21-Year-Old Woman Just Found Out Her Name Is Actually A Pun And It’s The Longest Running Dad Joke Ever

"Hello my name is" name tags and sharpies
Unsplash / Jon Tyson and Twitter / @melaurale

What would you do if you went your entire life thinking your name was basic af, only to find out that actually, it was a cleverly-hidden dad joke? Would it change the way you view life? Would it change the way you view yourself? Or would it really just make you appreciate your parents’ terrible humor more than you ever thought you could?

21-year-old Laura was visiting Vietnam with her family when she realized certain Vietnamese words sure sounded a lot like her name. She mentioned it to her dad, who finally admitted that, well, she was actually named Laura because of those words. Here’s the full story, as told by Laura:

That’s right — what sounds like an incredibly Americanized name was really a Vietnamese pun, and Laura went her entire life without realizing it.

Can you imagine making a dad joke so epic you can keep it running for 21 years without detection? Like… can you?

Apparently Laura actually won the name jackpot because it has a whole other meaning, too…

All hail Laura, the ultimate dad joke. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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