The Live-Action ‘Mulan’ Remake Might Be Missing This Key Character

Mulan in I'll Make A Man Out Of You
Youtube / SSG Thomas

Let’s just be honest here: Disney knows how to play the game. The company knows obsessed we are with nostalgia, and they’re using it to their advantage to sell a crap ton of movie tickets by giving us the same storylines we know and love in new, innovative formats. I’d be mad about it if I weren’t so dang excited.

So when Disney announced that Mulan was next on their list of movies to get a live action remake, fans rejoiced. After all, Mulan has brought us some of the best quotes (“Dishonor on your cow!”), the best songs (“I’ll Make a Man Out of You”) and characters (a hilarious dragon, a shady grandma, and a badass heroine? Count me in). It was honestly the first remake I’ve actually gotten excited for.

But apparently we shouldn’t get too excited, because it looks like Disney is taking the liberty to change up the classic by adding in a few new characters — and taking one very important one out.

First of all, Disney announced there would be a new commander in town: Commander Tung, played by Donnie Yen. Soon after, they announced a character named Chen Honghui, a soldier who will play Mulan’s chief rival and — wait for it — love interest?!?!

If you put two and two together, you come up with this devastating fact: Li Shang, Mulan’s captain and love interest in the animated movie (and the singer of the greatest song in all of Disney) is probably getting scrapped from the script.

But seriously, can there really be a Mulan without him?!

Seriously, we can do without this Chen Honghui. He doesn’t seem like half the man Li Shang is.

Okay, some people jumped to defend Disney… just not me.

Basically, the Mulan remake is dead to me. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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