Ryan Reynolds Perfectly Trolled The Avengers By Tweeting Deadpool’s Hilarious Rejection Letter

Youtube / 20th Century Fox

Oh, Ryan Reynolds, you are forever my favorite celebrity to follow on social media. Not only are you unreasonably hilarious, but you also know how to pack a punch full of heartwarming fuzzies when you want to. You are, put simply, perfect.

Here’s a perfect example: yesterday Ryan decided to congratulate the Avengers for their box office record-breaking performance in Infinity War, and also for producing an amazing new movie altogether. To do so, he shared a picture of Deadpool’s rejection letter from the Avengers, which gave fans a huge laugh.

The letter reads:

April 14, 2012

Re: Joining the Avengers


Absolutely not.

Go bother Prof. X.



Tony Stark

I mean… doesn’t seem that solid if you ask me.


Not that I think the X-Men are too thrilled to have Deadpool on their side.



But seriously, can you imagine if Deadpool did join the Avengers? Resident snark master Tony Stark would have finally met his match (if you don’t count Dr. Strange, I suppose). I can’t even imagine how Captain America would deal with Deadpool’s utter lack of basic morality. It would have been a total shit show… but, like, an enjoyable shit show to watch?

Besides, maybe it’s good he didn’t get in. You know. For his own sake.


Yeah, Deadpool, consider yourself lucky. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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