John Legend Texted Kanye West Asking Him To ‘Reconsider’ His Stance On Trump And This Is What Happened

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Kanye West is back on his bullshit again. After a single pro-Trump tweet lost him almost 10 million followers in 10 minutes (literally), it looks like Kanye is not only unwilling to back down on his stance, he’s also now afraid to throw people under the bus to prove a point.

Earlier today, John Legend personally texted Kanye to ask him to “reconsider” aligning himself with Trump, whose ideals strike many as harmful and, in many ways, racist. Kanye’s response? He not only accused John of trying to “manipulate” him, he also took a screenshot of the conversation and tweeted it out to his (recently much smaller) following.

Kanye and John have publicly been friends for over a decade now, and the two have recently gone on plenty of double dates with their equally-famous wives. It’ll be interesting to see if this will affect their friendship, not only because their differences in opinion, but also because Kanye decided to air their dirty laundry in public, which could certain take a toll on any kind of relationship.

John’s wife, Twitter Queen Chrissy Teigen, took to Twitter to acknowledge the tweet and explain that no matter how much fans asked, she wasn’t planning to comment on the drama publicly.

Kanye, I know you’ve got strong opinions and you don’t plan on changing your stance, and that’s totally fine, but you know, maybe you should put down the phone before you seriously ruin a friendship. Or, you know, an entire fanbase.

[Update: April 26, 1:14 EST] After a slew of online backlash, Kanye posted another snippet of his messages with John to show that the two are still cool, despite their differences in opinion.

All’s well that ends well, I guess? TC mark

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