Ashley Graham Responds To An Instagram Troll Who Call Her A ‘Fat Model’

Ashley Graham in an interview with Vogue
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Ashley Graham, plus size model and body positive activist, has her share of haters. She’s used to Instagram trolls criticizing her, and she’s usually pretty good at ignoring them, but one got under her skin just enough that she felt the need to call them out.

This particular troll is all about body shaming. In fact, most of her account has to do comparing people she thinks are pretty and people she thinks are ugly, labeling them “real model” and “fat model.” Many of these posts included the hashtag #AshleyGraham.

Graham took screenshots of some of these posts and shared them on her Instagram story, along with this little message for all the haters:

“I know I’m being a little petty by posting these stupid photos of somebody who wrote ‘real model’ and ‘fat model,’ but I will let you know nothing defines what a real model or a fat model or a fake model is,” she stated. “Your weight, your skin, your hair, your religious background…none of that determines whether you’re a real model or not. So all those girls out there who have dreams and hopes, keep fighting for them and don’t let all the losers on Instagram stop you.”

You can always count on Ashley Graham for a little dose of body positivity. Life’s too short to care what other people think, and it’s way too short to spend your time criticizing people you don’t even know. What matters is that you’re happy with yourself. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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