A Fuckboy Tried Sending Nudes To These Women And Accidentally Ended Up Creating The Funniest Groupchat Ever

Unsplash / Charlz Gutierrez and Twitter / @springbreak2005

It’s a tale as old as time: a fuckboy attempted to send nudes to multiple women but then accidentally created a groupchat instead. Twitter user Elizabeth was one of the lucky women who got unintentionally roped into one of these chats, except this one took a delightful turn when the women decided to go rogue, kick out the creator, and create a space space to talk some major shit.

Plot twist: it ended up being the funniest group chat EVER.

Twitter / @springbreak2005
Twitter / @springbreak2005

And somehow a lot of them actually ended up being gay, so honestly, it was all just a dream come true.

Twitter / @springbreak2005
Twitter / @springbreak2005

And yeah, they kept their word.

We may not be able to show you the nudes, but we can show you the cute dog pic:

Let’s just say that this man inadvertently became a hero and he didn’t even know it.

We just hope that someday we, too, will be able to find the groupchat of our dreams.

If this isn’t a happily ever after, I don’t know what is. TC mark

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