20 People Reveal The Little Thing That Immediately Turned Them Off From Their Crush

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Playing the victim card in every conversation and only being interested in talking about their life.

— Belatorius


Had a crush on a chick at work, and what turned me off was how she constantly bad mouthed everybody. Wouldn’t surprise me if she had something to say about me, as well. Don’t settle for that kind of person.

— monocarrot


Went on a couple dates with a girl I had been friends with for a couple years, after 2 or so dates she started calling me at odd hours of the morning for a ride home from some party she was at, inconvenient but I was usually up anyways so whatever. I do this for her maybe 2 or 3 times, the last time she gets in my car and asks me to hold on a minute before we get going, whips out a baggie of cocaine and proceeds to attempt to do a line off my dash. Come on girl, I’m not your personal taxi service so you can go partying every night, and who the fuck thinks its ok to do drugs in someone else’s car without at least asking first. Anyway it became kind of obvious to me that she had a coke habit after that and I lost all interest

— knightfall1128


Going into details about past sexual experiences all the time.

— hotmaleathotmailcom


She “needed to be drunk to function“.

Noped after the first date.

— flacocaradeperro


Threw an empty bag of mcdonalds out the window of my car on the highway.

— adurga


I had a crush on this older guy a while back. He was beyond gorgeous and he seemed to have an interest in me too. But, holy crap, that man could not take a joke. I could say the most light-hearted joke and he would get super serious about it. I can’t be with someone that can’t laugh once in a while.

— wow_pretty_colors


Shes always trying to be one with the crowd, hence nothing unique about her personality.

— absolutelymetal


“what music do you like listening to?”

“Anything really”

“What’s your favorite color?”

“They’re all nice I guess”

“Did you see the new episode of [insert show here]?”

“I don’t really watch TV”

“Hey wanna face me in [insert video game/board game/any game]? I bet I can beat you!”

“I don’t really like to play games”

“Wanna go for a walk? I know a nice place down the street we can eat at?”

“Eating outside gives me stomach aches and I don’t like to exercise my feet too much.”

“Okay, we can sit here in silence together, then.”

“………… You’re so quiet.”


— jaythaprxphet


She became an opera buff and had it playing perpetually, both in the car and at home.

A little opera is ok. But even when I asked for something else (or just some quiet) she insisted on more opera.

— Back2Bach


She admitted she expects 80% of the effort from the guy while only returning 20%.

— NEM_shill


Once the red flags start flying, usually

Dated a girl a few years back who was everything you could ask for in the looks and personality department (when she was sober at least), but jesus christ was she teetering on the edge of non-functioning alcoholic.

— quiaudetvincet


Finding out they believe anyone who doesn’t follow their religion is a bad person.

— KoffieIsDieAntwoord


He was a guy who I was following on social media and had a slight crush on. In 2015 he seemed all down to earth, then Trump gets elected and he starts rage-tweeting about how it was caused by gay people not voting for Bernie.

His last weird tweet was something like, “GAYS WHO VOTED FOR HILLARY, BOW DOWN TO YOUR FUCKING ORANGE GOD” or something.

Needless to say I didn’t like him anymore after that.

— healthyapples55


She was materialistic and so superficial.

She went from potential girlfriend to someone I can’t stand in a split second

— tesum123


I was dating a girl once and it was going ok. But one day I heard her screaming hysterically at her dog for doing dog stuff. That was the turning point. I just couldn’t view her as a nice person after that day, and I soon moved on.

— DaleKerbal


I met a guy through mutual friends. He was cute, easy-going, his own place, an adorable dog, good job, and seemed like a great guy.

Added him to Facebook.


— couragemyword


When that person have a positive mindset about cheating on your partner. “I don’t get people who don’t cheat”, “cheating is not a big deal”, “I’d go and fuck someone else if my partner doesn’t satisfy my needs” etc.



They threw a straw wrapper out of the window after we stopped for fast food

— RealKenny


Was more interested in the free dinners she got out of our dates than getting to know me as a person. It sucks, I really liked her too, but all she saw me as was an ego boost & a meal ticket.

— heyitsEnricoPallazzo Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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