Tomi Lahren Tried To Make Fun Of #MarchForOurLives On Twitter, But It Hilariously Backfired On Her

Tomi Lahren speaks at Liberty University
Youtube / Liberty University and Twitter / @TomiLahren

Ah, Tomi Lahren, perhaps one of the most hated (and loved) people online. She can’t tweet anything without receiving a ton of backlash, and I can’t say it’s for no reason. This woman sure knows how to play up her controversial opinions in a way that it gets plenty of views.

This past weekend, while millions of people were marching for gun control, Lahren decided it was a good time to tweet out her opinion of the #MarchForOurLives movement. Except, well, the tweet wasn’t received super well, and for a pretty obvious reason.

People were quick to correct her because duh… it’s written in the name, Tomi.

But okay, fine, we’ll spell it out for her.

Let’s just say the Internet didn’t hold back.

Think next time you tweet, Tomi. You could save yourself from a lot of embarrassment. TC mark

Callie Byrnes

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