This Teen’s Mom Found Her Weed, So She Made Up A Fake Class Assignment To Get Herself Out Of Trouble

Twitter / @prachid_ and Unsplash / Rick Proctor

Since the beginning of time, teens have practiced the art of hiding things from their parents, and for good reason. Have you ever had one of your parents find your alcohol stash? It rarely ends well, especially if you have a particularly uptight family.

But teens have been evolving, and now some of them have mastered the art of getting away with anything. Like Twitter user Prachi, whose mother grounded her when she found her weed. But Prachi wasn’t about to let go of her phone and car that easily, and decided to device a deliciously evil (and amazing) plan to get her out of trouble.

Here’s the “assignment” that she showed her mom (and even had her sign).

Twitter / @prachid_
Twitter / @prachid_

And oh my god, it actually worked.

Let’s just say we’re all thoroughly impressed. And hey, it’s so genius we just might try it.

She’s also planning to make a google doc of the assignment so… do what you will with it. Just don’t say I told you. TC mark

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